fake vc

we like investing into early-stage startups across the B2B and consumer ecosystem with a focus on retail technology and DTC

focused on financials

we focus on profitable co's with a minimum 12 months of revenue history

Responsive On Any Device

Showcase your site on all devices with confidence.

Professional, World-Class Support

We love what we do & who we do it for.

Unlimited Layouts & Designs

Design anything. The only limit is your imagination.


We have a bias for action. We act fast with clear priorities. We value speed, but take time to reflect when required.


We value diversity of thought. We believe that a variety of ideas encourages newer and more forward-thinking solutions. We leverage unique talents and insights.


We love our team. We support each other and ask for help when we are stuck. We value a good laugh during and outside of work. And yes, you can wear your pink unicorn suit to work.

meet fake vc

we're a remote team distributed across the internet

Dennis Hegstad, GP

"I think building a business that doesn't require outside capital to survive is pretty cool"

Elon Musk, GP

"Fucking rockets, electric cars and doge coin am I right? Work harder and Smarter. Sleep at the office. YOLO it all."

Jeff Bezos, GP

"It's hard not to appreciate the millions of customers who make me stupid rich. Space is siq lolol haters"

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